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  • Completed several HFi Planning Workshops (thanks to the many of you have participated in these);
  • Society for Neuroscience Social Issues Round Table – Chicago, IL, Nov 2019 (Link to Videos of Session);
  • World Premier of “I Am Human” at Tribeca Film Festival.  (Visit here for tickets!);
  • Funded to pilot development of the infrastructure of the OTHERNet to support human-technology symbiosis;
  • Completed pilot demonstration of NeuroReality for all – more to come in 2020;
  • Exploring application of human-technology symbiosis to Metamorphic Engineering;
  • Initial development of systems to remove the war fighter from danger in the theater;
  • Formed a team and registered for the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition (link to competition site);
  • Completed a DARAP Seed Sprint to include human-in-the-loop control of drone swarms;
  • Successfully completed Phase I of development of Intelligent Neural Interfaces and was awarded a Phase II grant to continue the work;
  • Completed pre-clinical development, fabrication process development, and verification of a completely implanted, Bluetooth™-connected HFi system;
  • Began formation and development of a ~$30MM proposal for HFi technology to “Bridge the Gap” in spinal cord injury.












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