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Human Fusions Avatar - Sensa

The early development of our healthcare avatar, Sensa, is shown here. This prototype is focus on providing an embodied remote experience with agency, touch sensation, visual feedback, and audio feedback.

We are proud to include this development of Sensa in the ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition. We are further humbled to be selected to live demo our system in Miami, FL, USA in September, 2021.

  1. Stretch Robotic Platform (Hello Robot)
  2. Custom manipulator with MIT GelSight tactile sensors (UCLA)
  3. NeuroReality sensory glove (CWRU)
  4. Oculus headset (from Facebook)

NeuroRealityTM Platform


The core enabling technology for the Human Fusions Avatar connection is the NeuroReality Platform. Its architecture is agnostic to the edge device. This Human Fusions Sensa submission is with the specific Stretch robot due to its safety profile and specific marketing to interact with humans in the environment. Similarly, the Operator interface utilizes off-the-shelf VR hardware when possible with real touch sensation provided by neural stimulation described above. The unique strengths of our team are our neural approach to haptic feedback to provide an embodied experience of the Avatar and this NeuroReality Platform. It is very important to note that the NeuroReality Platform and Operator interfaces can work with many different robot systems, and we are available for partnering with other teams. By example, after being provided with the NeuroReality Platform, the UCLA members of our team were able to implement the Framework for cross-continental connection in about a day. We have further established nodes with other robot systems in Cleveland, OH; Pittsburgh, PA; and College Station, TX. Our vision is that any human interface will eventually be able to connect with any robotic system through our NeuroReality Platform.


Operator: Luis Mesias Flores (Case Western Reserve Univ)

Recipient: Lionel Zhang (UCLA)


Case Western Reserve University

  • Dustin Tyler, PhD
  • Emily Graczyk, PhD
  • Michael Fu, PhD
  • Matthew Williams, PhD
  • Kenneth Loparo, PhD
  • Pan Li, PhD
  • Luis Mesias Flores
  • Xufei Wang
  • Nina Sokol
  • Shifra Narasimhan
  • Karina Dsouza
  • Byrn Spilker



  • Veronica Santos, PhD
  • Lionel Zhang
  • Yi Zheng
  • Huajing Zhao
  • Eric Peltola
  • Cole Ten


Cleveland State University

  • Nicholas Zingale, PhD

Carnegie Mellon University

  • Douglas Weber, PhD
  • Nikhil Verma
  • Thomas Hyatt
  • Mehrdad Javidii

University of Wyoming

  • Justin Piccorelli, PhD
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