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Call to Action - Protecting the Caregiver

Noses run... caregivers do not. They risk their lives daily to help the most sick. We need to provide a safer alternative.


We are developing a Human Fusions Healthcare Avatar to enable local caregivers and even those from all over the world - retired caregivers, remote caregivers, and others - to be able to interact directly with patients in isolation wards. Family can even connect with loved ones during isolation so the sick do not need to face the illness alone.

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Replacing a lost limb

Replacing a lost limb


Loss of a function of a limb is tragic - loss of connection is worse. When asked, our participants say that the miss most the ability to feel a loved one. By providing a sense of touch, we can reconnect those with limb loss to their loved ones.


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Returning a Hand

Restoring Light Touch

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