Human Fusions institute

Creating human-technology relationships for a thriving, just, and connected society

Space, Industrial, & Military

By fusing with robots and other technology over networked systems, the human is physically removed from inhospitable conditions but still perceives and functions as though at the location.

Robotic Blacksmithing

Combining precision metal incremental forming with intelligent control of robotic system to realize symbiotic human-robot integration


Significantly increase agility, reproducibility, and productivity in the metal forming industry. This is a potentially disruptive technology through synergistic integration of:

  • Sensing,
  • Thermal management,
  • Actuating,
  • Robotics, and
  • Computation


This has the potential for providing great economical, environmental, societal, and national security benefits.

Disaster Relief

By providing a direct, intuitive, neural connection between and operator and avatar, we can create an experience of being anywhere in the world without being there physically. By placing a person's empathy and connection with a victim, the Disaster Response Avatar can comfort a person in time of great stress. Bringing a rescuer's ability to solve unknown problems will be more effective than an autonomous or traditional remote control system.

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