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Dustin J. Tyler, Director

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering

Kent H. Smith Professor II

For nearly 30 years, Dustin J. Tyler, PhD, has dedicated himself to translationally focused research in neural engineering. Tyler, the Kent H. Smith II Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Case School of Engineering, has been a faculty member at Case Western Reserve University for over 15 years and is known for his expertise in electrical engineering, artificial and biological neural systems, and biomedical engineering.


As director of the Human Fusions Institute, Tyler has recruited a culturally diverse, open, transdisciplinary community of researchers, thinkers, students, entrepreneurs and world leaders to lead the charge shaping the future of NeuroReality.

Veronica Santos, Ph.D.

Robotic and Mechanical Systems

Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Eng

Affiliate Faculty, Department of Bioengineering

Director of the UCLA Biomechatronics Laboratory

University of California, Los Angeles

Nicholas Zingale, Ph.D.

Human-Centered Convergent Research, HELPPS

Associate Professor

Cleveland State University

Director, Institute of Applied Phenomenology in Science and Tech

Douglas Weber, Ph.D.

Sensory and Congnitive Neuroscience

Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience Institute

Kenneth Loparo, Ph.D.

Cyberphysical Systems

Arthur L. Parker Professor

Professor, Dept of Electrical, Computer and Systems Eng

Co-Director, Internet of Things Collaborative (IOTC)

Develop real-time data analytics and control algorithms for industrial, energy and physiological systems

Pedram Mohseni, Ph.D.

HFi Sensors & Circuits

Department Chair, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Goodrich Professorship for Engineering Innovation

Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Creates next-generation, integrated instruments for neural engineering and point-of-care (POC) health diagnostics

Jonathan Baskin, M.D.

Clinical Application, Healthcare Applications

Justin Piccorelli, Ph.D.

School of Politics, Public Affairs & Int'l Studies

Assistant Professor

Dr. Justin Piccorelli at the Univ of Wyoming is a trained phenomenologist who examines how we know, and what it means in practice. He studies technology policy, ethics, philosophy of science, and organizational theory. He has applied research projects in Artificial Intelligence, virtual co-presence, and learning, Virtual Reality and self-perception, and how humans experience the restored sensation of touch.

David Hodge, Ph.D.

Hunan-Centered Convergent Research

Michael Fu, Ph.D.

Human Interface and Virtual Reality

Timothy E. and Allison L. Schroeder Assistant Professorship in Computer and Data Sciences

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering

Develops video games and virtual environments to improve human health after neurological injury

Emily Graczyk, Ph.D.

Human Interface, Sensory Perception, and Affective Touch

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Bob Michaels

Director of Operations

Fehmida Kapadia, Ph.D.

Director of Innovation and Ecosystem

Mindy Baierl

Corporate and External Relations

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