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Cleveland State, Public Administration and Urban Studies, Class of 2026

University of Houston, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2024

Chenpei’s research interests include wireless communication, underwater communication, and cybersecurity.

Case Western Reserve, Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2026

Jonah’s research focuses on restoring proprioception, the body’s sensation of limb position and movement. His work involves characterizing proprioception through implanted electrical stimulation in people with upper limb loss and through non-invasive surface electrical stimulation.

Case Western Reserve, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2028

Sai studies Teleoperation Optimization, Enhanced Virtual Reality, Robotic and Haptic

Case Western Reserve, Neuroengineering, Class of 2027

Margaux’s research is focused on preclinical peripheral nerve interface development for applications in sensory restoration and chronic pain. She is specifically concerned with the development of highly selective interfaces which can increase the therapeutic capabilities of peripheral nerve stimulation as a whole.

Case Western Reserve, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2025

Luis is studying Electrical Engineering with a focus on virtual reality, teleoperation, and electrical stimulation haptic feedback.

Case Western Reserve, Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2027

Bryn studies how simultaneous co-application of multiple stimulation modalities affects the perceptual experience and neural coding of the sensation

Case Western Reserve, Computer Science, Class of 2027

Haonan studies privacy, federate learning, and security.

Case Western Reserve, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2026

Khan is interested in hardware security and RFIC design.

Case Western Reserve, Robotics, Class of 2025

Tom’s research focuses on Human Robot Interaction, Haptics, Mechatronics, Sensors, and Teleoperation.

Case Western Reserve, Computer and Data Science, Class of 2024

Xufei’s research is focused on cybersecurity, system optimization with deep reinforcement learning, deep learning applications, and IoT.

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