Human Fusions institute

Creating human-technology relationships for a thriving, just, and connected society


Human Fusions

Strives to be the global leader in creating human-technology relationships for a thriving, just, and connected society.

Building on 40+ years of neurotechnology success, we strive to achieve our vision through technological advances of direct neural connections between human sensorimotor systems, while building and promoting a culturally diverse, open, trans-disciplinary community of researchers, thinkers, students, entrepreneurs, and world leaders. We seek:

  • To create human-centered, symbiotic relationships between humans and technology.
  • To directly connect human to technology through neuromuscular interfaces.
  • Transdisciplinary knowledge and science, create technologies, and disseminate discoveries
  • To spin out revolutionary HFi technology to new enterprises.
  • To expand the limits of human experience through a human – technology interface.
  • To enhance one’s sense of self, community, and capability beyond the biological barriers.

The Human Fusions Institute pursues a transdisciplinary approach to developing a symbiotic human-technology relationship that considers the totality of a flourishing, harmonious society. We create an environment that inspires every person to a self-actualized pursuit of their passion in harmony with the overall HFi mission. We believe that technology should

  • Advance human social community
  • Improve human health
  • Expand human performance and capability
  • Extend human reach
  • Be equitable across all socioeconomic citizenry
  • Breakdown divisions so that EVERYONE can fully benefit from tech advancement
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