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advanced laboratory

Now Open!

Axiometric view of the third-floor layout of 11000 Cedar Ave. which will become the new home of the Human Fusions Institute and unite its research and incubation programs under one roof. This view is looking westerly from Cedar (Bostwick).


Move in underway!

The HFI team had a busy day this Wednesday May 22nd as the official move in to the new Laboratory Space was a success! 

This modern facility marks a significant step forward for our institution, promising enhanced research capabilities and collaborative opportunities for our community.

Here’s what you can expect from our new lab:

  1. Spaces for HFI Staff, Faculty, and Students: Providing designated offices for HFI staff and affiliated faculty, as well as desks for students, the lab will support a conducive environment for research and learning.

  2. Cafeteria/Social Space: Offering a space for community members to connect and recharge, our cafeteria/social area will serve as a hub for casual interaction and idea exchange.

  3. Academic Hub for Events: Equipped to host events of varying sizes, our lab’s academic hub will facilitate seminars, symposiums, and other gatherings to foster intellectual discourse.

  4. Conference Rooms: Our facility will feature conference rooms tailored for efficient lab meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project discussions.

  5. Specialized Lab Spaces: With dedicated areas for VAMR testing, tissue handling, interfacing engineering, robotics, and networking security engineering, researchers will have the tools and environments needed to advance their work in diverse fields.


Check out the journey of the New hfi labratory from concept to realization

 Laboratory launch announcement:

We are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our advanced laboratory, dedicated to pioneering research and advancements in socially responsible innovations in prosthetics, robotics and gaming. Located at Case Western Reserve University, our laboratory will replace the entire 22,568-square-foot third floor of the former BioEnterprise building.

Feburary 2024 Lab tour of new space. About four months to move in!

Under the guidance of Professor Dustin Tyler, the Biomedical Engineering department at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) is embarking on a unifying endeavor. The Human Fusions Institute (HFI) aims to bring together various laboratory workshops, offices, meeting spaces, and collaboration areas that are currently dispersed across different locations on CWRU’s campus, and potentially even from other parts of the country. This ambitious project also involves researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, Cleveland State University, and the University of Houston.

Located at CWRU’s Wickenden Building on 2071 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., the lab will serve as the central hub for these interdisciplinary activities. With a budget of $5.93 million, the renovation work required to create this cohesive space is underway, fostering an environment conducive to innovation, research, and collaboration.

The research institute will receive various specialized program components. These components include a large robotics test arena, an advanced technology presentation space, a water tank for testing submersible devices, audiovisual and security system upgrades, and other features. However, the purpose extends beyond consolidating the research into a well-equipped facility.

Interior rendering of the Human Fusions Institute on the renovated third floor of the former BioEnterprise building, 11000 Cedar Ave. (Bostwick).

Construction Photo Update Slideshow:

Nearly finished Construction slideshow

Socially Responsible Design

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