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Kaleb Kim receives GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellowship

Kaleb Kim is interested in software engineering, robotics, cybersecurity, electronics, and math. His passion for computer science began when he built small games using Javascript and Processing.js as a youth. He went on to use other software languages to develop small applications, and now he works to use software and technology to solve larger-scale problems.

For most of his first year at Case Western Reserve University, Kim was part of an Edtech startup. “It exposed me to the ups and downs of tech startup culture,” he calls. “From navigating an escalating market, producing a new product, and handling all sorts of conflict, it was an invaluable experience. While it was difficult, it provided insights into problem-solving.”

Now, as an incoming ThinkEnergy Fellow in CWRU’s Great Lakes Energy Institute (GLEI), Kim is poised to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey in the energy industry. He hopes to co-develop a startup that offers innovative electrical, software, or hardware solutions for renewable energy or energy conservation. As he prepares to commence his fellowship in Fall 2024, he eagerly anticipates collaborating with the GLEI staff and a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students, each with unique interests spanning from battery research to entrepreneurship. “I’m particularly thrilled about the prospect of working together, learning, growing, and collectively achieving something remarkable in the field of energy,” he shared.

A recent CWRU graduate and former fellow, Adam Goodman, encouraged Kim to apply for the 2024-25 fellowship. “Since I was interested in intersecting problem solving, digital technology, and climate change, it was a no-brainer for me to apply,” said Kim. The application process consisted of a written application and a subsequent interview. The fellowship, which includes a $2000 scholarship for undergraduate fellows, is part startup incubator and part research accelerator, pairing students with faculty, companies, and investors.

In addition to his GLEI fellowship, Kim is working on a research project using theTurtleBots in Assistant Professor Alexis E. Block’s SaPHaRI lab. He began working with Block after meeting another one of Block’s students, Ishika Kanakath, at HackCWRU. About Kim, Block says, “I am very proud of Kaleb for being selected for the GLEI ThinkEnergy Fellowship. He has been a phenomenal attribute to the SaPHaRI Lab, and I know he will do stellar work in this program. I’m excited to see what he comes up with.”

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